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Mind Blowing Dad Statistics


I really enjoy statistics which I think stems from my love of football!

I watch A LOT of games and whenever I hear a good stat, I always look forward to reeling them off back at work – much to the amazement of my co-workers!

How sad can you get?


UK Population

Anyway, I’ve carried out some research online regarding statistics about Dads and their families and thought it would be a good source of information for some of you!

Did you know there are 65 million citizens of which 12.7 million were married?

That’s nearly 20%!!

(Source: Office for National Statistics)

Below, is a graph of the UK population covering the last 12 years (an increase of 4.7 million)


UK Population Graph


Of those with children, 14% decided having three or more kids was a great idea! (each to their own I suppose)

Working with the 64 million population count, there are 3.2 million people under the age of 34 that still live with their parents.

That stat has been rising over the past two decades, partly due to the ongoing housing boom I guess.


Single parent Dads are responsible for 400,000 families (source: which represents 13.5% of all single parent households – so there are many Dads out there doing an outstanding job of raising our little un’s (credit goes to all the mums reading this too!)


If we move on to location based families, I’ve discovered that it isn’t London where the most households can be found – it is in fact the Southeast, where there are 3.6 million households (a household defined as one property where one or more persons reside).


The Northeast of England is where the least amount of households are located weighing in with just 1.1 million homes.


Number of Households in England 2016



Let’s get back on point and really dig down into some crazy Dad stats!

So, did you know that 1 in 50 Dads (source: The Daily Telegraph) are unaware that they are raising another man’s child?!?!


Although a more promising statistics shows us that 68% of single parents are still working.

Could even more be done to improve this?


Facts about Men

This next section might take you by surprise, but stats are just that so here goes!

So, here are a few handpicked facts about men:


  • The biggest killer of men under 50 is suicide
  • In fact, 75% of all suicides are male
  • Men are more than 35% likely to die from Cancer.
  • 1 in 3 children live without their father (I had no idea about this!)
  • 59% of the prison population are fathers
  • After a separation, Dads are 3 times more likely to die
  • 84% of the homeless are male
  • 3.8 million children are fatherless
  • 2 in 3 murders are male


These stats are quite hard hitting, and a lot more can be done to help those who need it.

Honestly, if you know of someone who you feel needs help in anyway – don’t be afraid to give them a call!


Support Line Helpline: 01708 765200 – a great organisaiton if you or anyone you know requires help or advice regarding any of the above facts.


The single parent demographic is probably more than you imagined.

Would you believe that 200 children A DAY lose contact with their Dads through the courts?

As a parent, this is very sad (yes, there are probably a few exceptions to this figure) and more needs to be done right?

Children need both parents in their life (my parents divorced when I was 5) I can assure you!

This just about wraps up this post, and I apologise if it turned a little difficult in the end!


There are some statistics here you were probably unaware of, and I hope you can pass these on to raise some awareness of what a single parent goes through!


Dad Craig

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