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Ultimate Dad Blog Round-Up



If this is your first visit – thank you, and welcome to The Review Dad!

Now, round-up posts are something I really enjoy reading and if you’re unfamiliar with what they are, take a browse at a couple of my favourite round-up discoveries so far below..

The Best Power Tools A Man Can Own or

50 Free Days Out in the UK

Posts like these can be incredibly helpful to you if your carrying out research on choosing a product or looking for an idea on where to take the family!

You may even find a hidden gem amongst some of the more in-depth round-ups!


Ultimate Dad Blog Roundups


So now it’s my turn (no pressure right?)

Note –  I did find a few ‘Dad Blog Roundups’ that proved useful in my quest to connect with other blog Dads, but others were either outdated, contained broken links or just didn’t strike a chord with giving me the information I wanted!

So I wanted to throw my hat in the ring and create ‘THE ULTIMATE DAD BLOG ROUND UP’!

Here goes!!


Dad Blog UK (

The Dad: John Adams
Created: 2012
NCF (New Content Frequency): Daily


Dad Blog UK

Voted by Vuelio as the #1 on the Top UK Daddy Bloggers List,  John Adams has created an outstanding Dad Blog!

From its infancy in 2012 John created his blog after giving up work to become a full-time Dad to his two young daughters.

John blogs mainly about parenting, fatherhood, lifestyle and family life.

In fact, DAD Blog UK is that good that John has undertaken media appearances on Sky News, The Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post (to name but a few!)


A Quick Summary

What you’ll notice about the website is the simple layout which makes it easy on the readers eye – you know straight away what the blog is about!

A practical website that ticks many boxes!


Our Favourite Post

One of our favourite posts is about the contents of his pockets – a humorous discussion at a time when a host of female bloggers started sharing blog posts about things they’ve collected in their handbags and purses!


Other Noticeable Blog Topics

School Days, Father Issues, Cars & Motoring, Photography, Family Finances


Known For

Numerous TV appearances, Speaking for a Movember Charity in Australia (twice), Interviewing Steve Carell (Despicable Me 3) as well as Multiple Blog Awards.


Not to be Missed

John is also an established Vlogger, and his YouTube channel has a host of quality reviews (think Dash Cams, Sat Navs and Car Seats!)

Whether you’re a new Dad or just after a few tips on fatherhood, Dad Blog UK is a great website for this.


Diary of the Dad (

The Dad:
Tom Briggs
Created: 2010
NCF (New Content Frequency): Daily


Diary of the Dad


Multi Award Winner Tom Briggs and his ‘Diary of the Dad’ website is exactly that!

This is a daily blog that captures every topic surrounding parenthood that you can think of – from fashion to travel, food and drink and even football! (there are over 30 subjects!)

It all  began as a small hobby blogging about life with his three children which quickly snowballed into a full time job!

Along the journey, Tom and his website have scooped many awards (Top 10 of Vuelio’s UK Daddy Blogs 4 years running!)  and featured in many national publications such as The Express and BBC News!

The Summary!

You’ll discover that a huge amount of thought has gone into the website structure – posts are clearly titled, a nice mix of categories along with some great photography.


Our Favourite Post:

‘If Parenting Achievements Were Gaming Achievements’ made me chuckle!

John misses computer games ‘pre-children’ and goes on to compare how each parenting achievement compares to a video game reward!


Featured In:

BBC News, Daily Mail Online, Mother & Baby and MSN (there are many more!)


Not To Be Missed:

There are many blog categories, and we suggest signing up to the newsletter to receive information about some great competitions, voucher codes and of course – updates!


You The Daddy (

The Dad:
Giles Robinson
Created: 2009
NCF (New Content Frequency): Weekly


You The Daddy


After visiting ‘You The Daddy’ I would say this is the best looking Dad Blog to date!

It felt very professional, and there was always something that caught my eye that I couldn’t help clicking everywhere!

Clicking aside, Giles looks to have mastered blogging!

There is a huge social media presence across all the major networks including Instagram and Twitter  – these channels are updated regularly!

Another thing that stood out is how the pictures really capture what each blog post is about!

I can see why Giles scooped Baby Spot’s ‘Top Dad Blogger’ in 2016!

Our Favourite Post

A Man’s Guide to Baby Growth Through Pregnancy’ – this infographic perfectly describes how baby grows from a man’s perspective!

From a full-stop to a lightbulb, and finally a large rugby ball – it had me laughing for a while!



Brit Mums, Cool Mum Club, Friday Frolics – Featured Blogger!



Tantrum, Father Inc and The Fourth Tri-Man (a new Dad Magazine!)


Other Noticeable Topics

Advice for New Parents, Pregnancy Stories, Movie Reviews and a great Fact or Fiction section!


Not To Be Missed

Be sure to check out his Instagram channel! (which currently has over 10,000 followers!)


The Dadventurer (

The Dad:
Created: 2014
NCF (New Content Frequency): Daily


The Dadventurer

Join Dave (a stay-at-home-dad) as he blogs and vlogs on his family adventure!

The Dadventurer is a go-to resource of information for new dads, stay-at-home dads or those looking for some advice.

A top parenting blog, we enjoy Dave’s unique style of creating interesting blog posts that give his audience plenty of laughs along the way!

The difficult questions are raised, answered and churned out with hilarious precision!

Again, this is another Vuelio ‘Top 10 Dad Blog’ and it wins hands down as the funniest dad blog you’ll ever come across!

Our Favourite Post

Laughter releases endorphins – which is great for feeling good about yourself and this blog has them in abundance!

There are many ’ROFL’ moments throughout, so we will list a handful of our favourites below!

5 People I Hate Now That I’m A Dad

What If Babies Were Superheroes?

4 Reasons Why Toddlers Are Like Drunks


Topics Discussed

Family Days Out & Travel, Food & Recipes, Pregnancy and Many Reviews!


Awards & Nominations

#4 Vuelio Parenting Blog, #2 UK Dad Blog (Tots100 website) and numerous blog award finalist awards (including Brit Mums and Closer Magazine)

It’s also worth noting (along with the other Dad blogs featured so far) multiple media appearances on The Huffington Post, The Sun and The Guardian.

If you’re seeking a Dad blog that offers a humorous take on all things parenting, then let The Dadventurer be that blog!


Scantily Dad (

The Dad:
James Doherty
Created: 2017
NCF (New Content Frequency): Frequent!


Scantily Dad


A niche Dad blog, ‘Scantily Dad’ focuses mainly on IVF.

James has created a superb blog borne from dealing with circumstances no parent should have to go through – premature babies.

He talks about the tough times he and his wife Olivia went through – and you really have to admire them both for sharing this with the world.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions regarding IVF – there were some things I had no idea about and it has certainly made me more aware of what is involved.

There is also a great deal of information and advice to help those before, during and after IVF.

We have take our hat off to James’s laid back and often humorous writing style on everything he has blogged about!


Favourite Post

5 Life Changing Benefits of Reading to Children’ was a clear favourite for us!

I have a lot of friends who are parents and I’m sure they don’t read to their children enough.

Reading (and writing) are essential life skills and the satisfaction you get from teaching your own children to read and write is wonderful.

Amongst the ever changing world currently saturated in technology – that 10 mins of reading instead of watching TV or ‘Tableting’ as I call it, promotes concentration and personal time with your child.

Reading with your children is win win all around!


Featured In

The Irish Times and Irish Independent, Mail Online and Irish Daily Star.


Topics Covered

IVF, Male Fertility, Premature, Parenting, Product Reviews

Scantily Dad is a commendable blog and I spent a long time reading up on a subject I had little knowledge about – all the great makings of a very informative blog!


DIY Daddy (

The Dad:
Nigel Higgins
Created: 2014
NCF (New Content Frequency): Daily


DIY Daddy

Come on – who doesn’t like DIY? (if not for the break!)

Nigel is a Dad of FIVE (how does he find the time to even blog?) who created DIY Daddy to share not just his love of DIY – but the trials and tribulations of raising children.

DIY is at the heart of this blog though, and you’ll find plenty of tips, tricks and tutorials on the subject.

We have to say what a great blog idea to mix home maintenance amongst family life, we’ve certainly bookmarked it for future perusal!


Favourite Post

We have to love ‘Twins say the Funniest Things’ because we can all relate to this! (not just twins mind!)

This is a featured section that is updated monthly (currently on Part 12!) so let’s pick out one or two phrases that stick out!

“I want to paint houses like Daddy!”

“The toilet is very smelly Daddy, I think you’d better open window!”



Notable Topics

Reviews, Gender Issus, Twin Humour, Parenting, DIY



DIY Daddy Blog has scooped numerous awards, including multiple ‘Vuelio Top 10 Blog Awards’!

With a really friendly theme, make sure you take the time to check out this fantastic blog!


Thank you for reading – we hope you enjoyed our ‘Dad Blog Roundups!’

If you’ve any suggestions for more great dad blogs – please drop me a comment below.

Blatant Plug Alert: Why not take a browse of some awesome Dad Statistics!


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